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At SpearFin, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the world of fund administration and empowering asset managers worldwide to thrive in the dynamic and ever-changing financial landscape. As a leading management company based in Mauritius, we specialize in providing cutting-edge fund administration services and corporate services backed by a strong team of highly  experienced and senior professionals.

Our Vision

To position ourselves as one of the leading and trusted Management Companies delivering fully integrated and bespoke solutions to our clients whilst optimizing shareholders’ wealth.

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Chandra Kumar Gujadhur


Chandra Kumar Gujadhur Chandra Kumar Gujadhur joined SpearFin’s board bringing invaluable knowledge and expertise. Founder of Apex Fund Services (Mauritius) Ltd since its inception in September 2006. His exemplary leadership and vision have driven the company's remarkable growth and success, revolutionizing fund administration practices in Mauritius. Key achievements under his tenure include pioneering dedicated NAV computation software, completing a Tier II SAS70 audit, and establishing a top-tier client list. Chandra's strategic foresight and commitment to excellence and mentorship will allow SpearFin to become a leader in the industry.

Our leadership team

Abhishek Gujadhur


Abhishek Gujadhur is the CEO of SpearFin Ltd, a leading fund administrator in Mauritius with US$10 billion in Assets Under Administration. With a first-class degree in Accounting and Financial Management and a chartered accountant qualification, Abhishek has a decade of experience in the financial industry. His strategic leadership and expertise have driven significant growth at SpearFin. Abhishek's diverse financial knowledge, commitment to excellence, and innovative approach will allow him to drive the business at SpearFin.

Ajay Gowrisunkur


Ajay Gowrisunkur, Director at AkRu Consulting, founded his firm after over 35 years with Barclays, where he led teams in senior roles for nearly 20 years. AkRu Consulting specializes in banking services, control, and governance within financial services, serving clients in trading minerals, commercial property development, and providing support to professional services firms and licensed Management Companies. Ajay's expertise spans treasury, operations, credit, international due diligence, compliance, and risk management. Appointed to the board in April 2023, he also serves as an independent director for several GBC companies. Ajay advocates for sound corporate governance to ensure long-term sustainability, transparency, and trust with stakeholders.

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